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Door Slab Only

Door Slab Only




Door Slab Only No handle preparation.

No deadbolt preparation. No frame or hinges

 Pre Hang Door

Door slab with frames




Complete Door unit which is prepared for easy installation.

Typically Pre-Hung doors are mortised for the hinges and pre-drilled for the handles.

They include matching door Jambs and Casings, Hinges and Jamb width extension (if necessary).



Knocked Down Pre-Hung Door

Knocked Down Pre-hung Door



We offer knocked down prehung doors that are easy to assemble and to install.

Door slabs and Jambs are precisely pre-machined to exact match each other at the assemblage points.

Jambs and casings are carefully packed and shipped together with door slabls.

Every piece is labeled to make assembly and installation quick and easy at the job site.


Door Opening Directions

 door opening direction

EB Technology

EB Technology

Vachera Door is Exclusive EB Technology Distributor in United States

Eb Technology Exclusive in United States

EB Technology

Electron Beam coating technology provides superior surface performance. Compared with Urethane or UV coating, EB coating technology is excellent in durability, cleanability & quality stability.

EB is a type of coating technology that makes energy saving, CO2 reduction, and solvent free in the manufacturing process.

EB crosslinking is provided by irradiating the EB to the top coating. The layer of high hardness is obtained in an instant.

  • High Performance
  • Scratch & Stain Resistant
  • Eco Friendly


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